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ECI specializes in interior build-outs and remodeling for commercial and residential markets; whether it's removing and replacing new tile in a 500-sf area, drywall patching due to water leaks or remodeling of bathrooms, kitchens and interior spaces. 


ECI prides itself on quality workmanship, distinctive style and timely completion. Our management style matches our company’s mission statement:

“honesty; education of clients; Partnering, control of the project and subcontractors; timely completion; proper scheduling of trades; and no cutting corners;”"

Partnering includes  the following key players:

clients and/ or owners, property management team, subcontractors and vendors, Design professional team members


One of the main important factors when choosing a Contractor is their style of management. We manage our projects by implementing a partnering approach where both the client and/or property management and subcontractors along with ECI’s management team works together to deliver the project within the time frame allotted, budget, and the clients vision. 


Our Subcontractors are hand selected and must adhere to our company’s pre-qualification process along with our subcontractor/ vendor agreements, which is designed to protect the owner and/or client. (Sample provided upon request).


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